Frequentaly asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions Bookings, Reservations and Payments

Ques:- 1. What if I don't hear from you after I have made the booking request?

Ans:- We respond to all booking requests. It's possible our emails may be filtered out by some Spam programs, so please check your Junk folders just in case. If you do not receive a response from us please contact your Consultant by email or by phone 08 7099 2292 or for urgent queries email

Hotmail/Yahoo addresses: If you have a Hotmail or Yahoo email address, please check your junk mail folder as these providers often send emails/PDF's straight there and not to your inbox

Ques:- 2. When will my credit card be charged?

Ans:- Your card will only be charged if the booking has been confirmed exactly as quoted. If we are unable to confirm your booking as quoted, you will not be charged.

Ques:- 3. What if I have special requests?

Ans:- Please email any special requests for Meals, Wheel Chair, Frequent Flyer number or Meet and Assist to

Ques:- 4. How do I make changes to my travel?

Ans:- Please call our office at 08 7099 2292 and speak to one of your consultants. Please be advised that in most cases a fee will be charged for any changes in your travel. We would not entertain and email request for the changes.

Ques:- 5. Does the airline allow name changes on airline tickets?

Ans:- Name changes are not allowed in any circumstances. Once the ticket is issued the name can't be changed.

Ques:- 6. What types of documents are required to travel?

Ans:- For a domestic flight at check in a government ID is required. For international flights a passport valid for 6 Months from date of travel is needed, and a visa. So, please be advised to check if you need a visa for your destination. Our agents are not responsible for information regarding visa or passport requirements.

Ques:- 7. Can I travel with a one-way ticket to any country?

Ans:- If you are not a citizen of that country you cannot travel with a one-way ticket. You need to have round-trip ticket.

Ques:- 8. When can I cancel my reservation if I'm not traveling?

Ans:- You must cancel or change your reservation at least 24 hours in advance from the date of departure. If changes are not done within the time limit the ticket will not have any value and can't be use.

Ques:- 9. How can I pay?

  • By Bank Transfer
  • By Credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Dinners Club

Ques:- 10. How can I check about the Luggage allowance?

Ans:- In most cases the luggage allowance is mentioned on the E Ticket and if not, you can call our office and speak to one of your consultants at 08 7099 2292.

Ques:- 11. How can I check about refund?

Ans:- If tickets are refundable, refunds will take up to 8 Weeks after the date of cancellation to be credited back to your account.

Ques:- 12. I have not received my e-ticket?

Ans:- It may take up to 4-6 hours for your ticket to be issued; in urgent cases we will issue the ticket immediately. Once tickets are issued, they will be emailed directly on the email provide at time of booking.

Ques:- 13. How can I contact you?

Ans:- If you need assistance, we are happy to help. You can either email us at or you can phone our Reservations department on 02 9066 6556 or if you are calling from outside Australia +61 8 7226 3678 and ask for the Consultant handling your booking. Please have your Quote reference number ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many existing travel insurance policies don’t cover the range of issues that might pop up prior to, or during, your trip. That’s why we’ve partnered with for our travel protection to give you the confidence you need before you go.

To understand exactly what’s covered for your specific trip, it’s always best to read through your policy documents before you buy. You can check the policy wording that shows when booking flights on Cheers Travel and they’re always available after you purchase, just look out for emails from our partner

When you update your travel booking with Cheers Travel, they can also update your XCover Protection. To cancel your XCover protection or make changes unrelated to your travel booking, visit and log in using the same email that you booked with.

About XCover

Who is XCover and which companies are backing XCover Travel Protection? We’ve partnered with, an insurance technology service owned by Cover Genius who have won dozens of industry awards in the US, EU, UK, Asia, India, and Australia for its claims handling and customer support and has investment from one of the world’s largest insurers, Sompo. XCover's policies are backed by some of the world's largest insurance companies including Lloyd’s, Generali, Sompo, Swiss Re, and Munich Re.

About XCover Travel Protection

How do I purchase XCover Travel Protection?

You can add XCover Travel Protection when purchasing trips via Cheers Travel.

How is XCover Travel Protection different from normal travel insurance?

Many existing travel insurance policies may not cover the range of issues that might pop up prior to, or during, your trip. This policy covers you if you are injured or fall ill, including with COVID-19, and can't travel alongside other benefits.

What’s covered?

When you get a quote, be sure to check your policy inclusions as they may differ depending on your home country or destination. If you have already purchased a policy, you can check your policy wording at any time by logging in to your XCover Account with the email that you used to book your trip. Common benefits can include:

  • Ticket and other pre-paid travel costs if you have to cancel or cut short your trip due to illness or injury, including for COVID-19
  • Travel and accommodation costs if you fail a COVID-19 test
  • Theft or damage of your baggage
  • Theft or damage of electronics

What’s not covered?

In most countries our policies don't cover pre-existing illnesses. You also won’t be covered if you choose not to fly or change your mind on your flights. Instead, check your flight confirmation for instructions on how to amend your itinerary. This policy doesn’t cover you if: 

  • You’re unwilling to travel;
  • You can’t travel due to changing lockdown or quarantine restrictions;
  • Restrictions at your destination have changed.

For specific details about your policy, please log in to your XCover Account to see what’s covered.

Is COVID-19 covered?

While the coverage differs from country to country, this policy may cover you if you fall ill with COVID-19 and can’t travel, or if your travels are cut short due to a positive COVID-19 test.

You can read the policy documents in your XCover Account for full details of what’s covered for your trip when you get a quote.

Am I covered if I have to quarantine?

In most countries, our policies don't cover any losses incurred if you are required to quarantine and cannot make a flight, nor if you have to quarantine on arrival or returning home, however many airlines may issue credit notes or refunds. To find out if you are eligible for a refund or credit note for your travel, contact Cheers Travel.

For specific details about your policy, please log in to your XCover Account to see what’s covered.

Is there an excess?

Depending on the type of claim there may be a small excess applicable when making a claim. You can view your policy wording in your XCover Account.

Does XCover Travel Protection cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Like many travel insurance policies, claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions are generally not covered. You can view your policy wording at any time in your XCover Account. To log in, use the email that you used to book your trip.

Who’s covered by XCover Travel Protection?

XCover Travel Protection covers any travelers that are listed on your booking at the time of purchase. Once your policy is booked and active, we are unable to add extra travelers to it. For more information about your coverage, you can view your policy wording at any time by logging in to your XCover Account with the email that you used to book your trip.

Managing My XCover Travel Protection

Where are my XCover Travel Protection documents?

To view your documents, wording, and invoice for your XCover Travel Protection, you first need to log in to your XCover Account .If it is your first time logging in to, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. Click the link in this email to finalize your account setup.

How do I make a change, cancel or get a refund for my Xcover Travel Protection?

You can cancel your policy, or change your travel dates by opting to "Cancel" or "Modify" after  you  log in to your XCover account using the email you used when you booked with Cheers Travel. The options available differ depending on your policy.

My travel booking was canceled. What should I do?

If your trip has been canceled, you may be eligible for a refund or credit note for your travel booking with Cheers Travel. You may also be able to receive a refund for your policy, depending on country-specific restrictions. To find out if you’re eligible for an XCover Travel Protection refund and/or to apply your protection to a rebooked trip, please contact our support team at Cheers Travel.

How to make a claim

How do I make a claim?

The XCover claims process is quick and hassle-free, with payment or reimbursement for approved claims processed instantly. Our dedicated team at XCover aims to complete 95% of claims within 3 days of claim lodgment, so keep a close eye on your emails to ensure there’s no delay. Visit to get started.

What documents do I need to make a claim?

All bookings need to be canceled immediately after If you or your travel companion are diagnosed with an illness that prevents you from traveling, you will need to immediately cancel any travel and airline bookings. We will ask you for these documents:

Booking invoice/s
To process your claim we need your original booking invoice/s showing the dates of your trip, the amount you paid, and the name/s of travelers.
If you need to cut your trip short in line with your trip cancellation protection, the booking invoice needs to show the correct dates and any change fees paid.
If your original travel service was canceled and you received a voucher from the airline or other provider, we will ask for the emails or other documentation.
Cancellation invoice/s
This document needs to include the cancellation fee charged or credit note or refund received, if applicable. If you are unable to provide a cancellation invoice, you can obtain a no-show letter from your airline confirming you did not use the booking and if any refund or credit note was given.
New booking invoice/s or voucher/s
If your original booking was canceled, please provide the new booking invoice showing the dates of your trip, the amount you paid, and the name/s of travelers.